The Team!


FGS is comprised of a vast team of Talented Artists from all over the globe

Ecletic musicians, Dj’s, Actors, Performers, Professional Dancers, Impropros, Entertainment guides, Visual artists, Circus artists, Street performers, Make-up and body-paint artists, Graffiti artists, Stage-designers, Sculptors, Health and Wellness professionals,

Alternative medicine consultants…up to date with latest trends.

Children’s activities!

We participate in all kind of events with a magic and profesional touch

Our objective at FGS is not individual personal artistic management but rather to enhance and gather different artistic talents to create a unique and personalised experience for the most special needs of our clients

Lucia Barbiero

Founder and director of Fanasia Group Show event company! Founder and organizer of the first multidisciplinary art event in Ibiza town the Fantasia Ibiza Festival – FIF

Italian musician, cultural activist, and talent scout. Cultural events and format TV organizer and creative director as documents of Italian artistic movement. Set Decorator and eclectic talented DJ.

She moved to Ibiza because of her love of freedom, multiculturalism, and the concentration of artists who daily stimulate her to create artistic events to attract tourists, support artists, show the artistic side of the human being, and to make a living by what she more loves

She says “Art is a tool for Change “.

Rebecca Gamboa

FIF Assistant executive

Artist, performer, musician, set, and fashion designer.
Irish and Spanish blood and multicultural influences. Daughter of artists.
Lives in Ibiza because of the cosmopolitan artistic way of life.
Talented entertainment Show woman.

Gabriel Molera Gonzalez

AudioVisuals projects

Madrid-born filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience.

Photography director and editor for international TV and film. He came to Ibiza after shooting in more than 60  countries to discover its spirit.

Kerin Crocker

Production manager and organizer

Organizer and producer of the first trance parties in Ibiza in the ’90s. Collaboration with MTV UK. Supporter of live music and organizer of live concerts. Long experience in the production of extraordinary events.

Paula Rivas

photographer and executive producer

Photographer specializing in authorial photography. She uses photography and writing in her works.

In short, her weapon is narration (among others)

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