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Fantasía Group Show, Ibiza –  It’s a vision from 2011 when Lucia Barbiero (founder-creative director and talent scout)
falls in love with Ibiza and in particular with its naturally existing underground artistic movement.

Since then, Lucia has researched the artistic currents vibrant on the island, hidden beauties to be shared with a tourist seeking a different angle

The vision evolves through the creation of events and magic moments

Fun-filled proposal and contents

FGS has standing clients resulting from our ability to involve the adequate artists and to create high quality contents

FGS begins a journey with personalised performance/event coordination alongside its first supporters

FGS Project promotes artistic collaborations to create ideas and experiences with a profesional and unique touch

Working with client to comprehend the ethos and the message to be communicated, a creative, individualised and surprising solution to your event shall be provide by our team

We are truly inspired by the challenge to transform spaces, create designs and provide ideas for the most peculiar and thrilling events…

FANTASIA Group Show is a cultural project. It’s an artistic melting pot. An Art Happening and full of experience

FANTASIA Group Show History



The first FANTASIA GROUP SHOW event took place in Hotel CORSO in Marina Botafoc in Ibiza. Back in 2011, the hotel hosted Gospel, Funky, Jazz & Soul, Cumbia concerts with live painting as well as photography and dance- theatre shows during sunset. The challenge of merging different art discipline around a swimming pool in the “Ibiza Fashion” scene was accomplished

Soon after that, restaurant NAGAI, in the heart of the island, commissioned FGS to organize a personal art exhibition for “Sola” a renowned artist in Ibiza not only for her art but also for her support of other residents artists.

FGS begins to collaborate with the magazine DUB Ibiza and heads a space for live music and visual art interviews in Ibiza

In 2012 Lucia was a member founder of TeTRA, a farming warehouse converted into Art workshops by Xabi Soler, giving place to the creation of an art collective of varied styles. Within a short time, the collective gives place to the Art and Culture Association – TeTRA Ibiza with the clear objective of sharing art, expression, moments, and life. Lucia is currently Vice President of the Association.

TeTRA art association has successfully produced and sponsored live events, workshops, seminars, and many other happenings in a space open to all.

more LATER

In 2013 Lucia beings to collaborate with ELEMENTS Ibiza beach Club and since then organizes events under the Fantasia Group Show name, as well as continuing her eclectic Djs set as LucyBee

In a brief period of time, Lucia becomes the Artistic Director for the famous restaurant in Cala Benirras, and together with Elements owner, Kiko Malcarne, they organize events all over the place. “…at any given moment an artist may appear inside the restaurant or from the beach to play with one of the clients transforming the dinner into a fun and interactive, conscious moment” (Elements Ibiza client)

In 2017 PLAYASOL Hotels group selected FGS to provide high-quality onsite entertainment for their guests with various daily events throughout the season.

The local town festivities of San Joan in Ibiza also chose FGS for spectacular interventions during the seasonal celebrations.

HEART Ibiza, the most glamour club in Marina Botafoc, subscribed the production content with FGS for the Elements Ibiza theme parties held at the club throughout the 2017 summer season

B12 Art Gallery was the space FGS selected to host a collective art exhibition and COCOQ space was enlightened by a graffiti group show coordinated by FGS


Lucia began working with artists at a very young age. In love with the language of art where she found healing in all senses, she began a search all over Italy and inside Italian artists.

Activist, creator and pioneer for Italian TV programs dedicated to music and to the visual and plastic arts scene, following mostly underground currents (Match Music TV- Odeon TV – Television.net – RAI radio Italia). ARTDAY was the first program (1998-2001) to support urban and graffiti art in times where it was considered vandalism. Lucia even hid herself in order to film the artists as they painted trains.

TERRITORIO INDIPENDENTE (1996-2001) was the first independent program to be hosted in her country. She hit the Street, entered sociocultural squats, went into houses and artista studios, workshop…every interview was a journey into the life and works of the artista.

Her motivation was to bring art out of institutions and galleries and make it available to a larger public, to break the barriers that shut art off and destiny it to a selected few, and to stimulate the innate artistic abilities found in each being (the artista child)

Lucia also learns music, through the piano and later releases her musical talent by playing vinyls for a long and successfull period under the name of Dj LUCY BEE. She also was a selector for compilations of Harley&Muscle, SoulStar Rec.

Coming across the international art magazine ROJO (2004) edited in Barcelona, she begins collaborating in order to distribute and promote one of the most representative contemporary art editions, reknown for its visual, not oral content, where the reader is allowed to awaken personal emotions.

Together with Lorenzo Gatti, they establish ROJO’s first art gallery in Italy (Milan 2006-2010) connected to 33 worldwide galleries with leading contemporary artista.

ROJO Magazine defines Lucia as a Cultural Activist (Marc Mascort)

Meanwhile she accomplishes the support of multinational corporations towards underground artists, organizing live concerts accompanied by live painters and theatre plays for Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Lancia, Camel, Müller among others.

IN 2009 she organized an Independent Rock Music Contest and Conference with the participations of Conservatory Musicians and Dj’s highlighting new technologies in comparison to the Vinyl tradition in the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan (DEJ 2009)

She joined forces with the idealist and visionary Anna Marcuri and  they created the first event for wellness in Milan (2004) offering more than 50 therapists during the “aperitivo” in a swimming pool in the center of the city, when alternative therapies were just beginning to be available: “L’ONDA DEL BENESSERE

One fo the most pleasurable events organized by Lucia was a weekly meeting during the summer 2000 with world-wide cultural representatives: Aztechi, Krishna, Tibetan cultures ….were present with dance and music rituals in a scenario regularly dedicated to pop music called Match Music Millennio (1999-2000). Italian press service and public were marvelled by the musical and visual expressions from other worlds and were testimony to a unique event perhaps one of the first of its kind.

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