Events Creations and Organizations

The adequate planning of an event requires a minute attention to details in order to provide máximun value

We delivery perfectly executed experience with the highest quality service.

We both propose and adapt ideas in order to satisfy the needs while incorporating innovation and state of the art initiatives for event organization.

Production: Art Direction – Event Design – Artistic Content – Live Shows – Hotel Entertainment – Art Exhibitions – Space – Venue Design – Stage Design – Light Show and Project


The major challenges for a company are to preserve and augment its competitive margin, to accomplish a larger market presence or, sometimes, simply to ensure that a given event is a success through the desired participation.

Simple and Intelligence strategy

1. Media communications office
2. Offline marketing adapted to the location where event is held
3. Digital marketing with appropriate promotional tools enhancing participation and consumption

Social Event or Gathering

The true essence of Joy is to share, to give and to receive so social relations are truly positive for us.
We believe in safekeeping traditions and enjoying them fully so if you wish to host a social event packed with fun, such as bachelor parties, birthday, or simply special dates, you can  count on us to create the charm.
Formal professional events: Congresses, Conferences, Corporate encounters, Workshops, Seminars, Wellness Activities…
Personal social celebrations: Weddings, Children Parties, Birthdays and Private Dates

Creative Social Media Communications

Our creative team offers a disciplined and experience angle to both private personal enterprises and joint-venture large-scale events

Brand Graphic Design, Web-Pages, Social Media and Contents

Planning and Distribution of advertising materials

We are constantly working to represent any innovative Brand,

to promote Artists and to support and distribute Culture

Special Moments

We are very proud of our dynamic nature and to be able to deliver in any possible situation…our team has substantial experience in all sectors of the entertainment industry and can adapt to all wishes and terrains in order to create the surprise you are dreaming of for your next event

Live Events

Organizing a live music event is not as complicated as you think!

FGS has coordinated and provided service for all kind of events with maximun quality and profesionality.

You can be sure we shall deliver your message with total care

Exceptional services

Fantasía Group Show offers a wide variety of services to transform your
event into an unforgettable experience.

We are motivate by passion.

We love to tell the tale of your business, the myth of a place and the magic of a moment with a custom-made event.

We believe in the greatness of team-work. That’s why nothing is impossible!

We stand true to our word and ensure attention to every detail

We provide service to all sectors , in any given location, and we are proud to offer exceptional service and wonderful results

This is what we live for!

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