Upsetting the shots and breaking down the rules

by Lucia Barbiero

Dino Cortiana (1972 Milan – lives and works in Ibiza).
He grew up in his parents’ art galleries, but above all during an intense modern artistic ferment so he breathes the Metaphysics and Surrealism of…(*read Biography)

Interview by Lucia Barbiero

First of all in Dino’s painting the search for bright colors is what that struck me. Followed by the signs that cut the context. Then upsetting the shots and breaking down the rules, so he gives me feelings of freedom.

At the same time he also has darker works which equally attract later.

Between Impressionism and Expressionism he tells us the reality in a personal and unmistakable way.
Without classifications, I look the final product and if I like it, its mean if I perceive the expression I support the project so I share it because I believe in the artistic product

What’s the meaning to paint for you?
It means giving space to a personal interpretation of reality, where the informal is a key to a conceptual interpretation depending on the moment

What role has Art in your life
A fundamental role, I feel truly free only when I paint, even time ceases to exist, I am captivated by the colors and the days come to a pleasant end.

What you represented and what ‘s your inspiration?
Moving to this magnificent island has considerably increased the desire to paint, I have always represented nature, this organism in perfect balance, even the historic buildings seek and live an embrace with it.

What‘s your start from, in your technique?
If you mean technique, the way in which I apply the colors, it comes from the search for materials and contrast of complementary colors. The painting that in part becomes sculpture thanks to the thickness of the material and all highlighted by complementary colors.

What are the emotions and sensations that you want cause?
The same emotions and feelings I have felt since I have lived here, freedom and connection with nature.

So that’s why Ibiza?
Ibiza has always represented freedom of expression in general … here everyone is free to be themselves, in the way of being, in gender sexuality and I am trustful in art as well

What do you prefer: keep the moment or let your intelocutor sees detalis step by step and more indeep your emotions
I believe that action painting, the use of violent and complementary colors, captures the attention immediately, and then leaves spaces for details and deeper contemplation.

Who are the artists from the past that influenced you?
Except for the hyperrealism, practically everyone from the Impressionists onwards.

How do you define yourself?
I prefer to listen to how others define me.

When is right to talk abut ART or better when a work can be called an ARTWORK?
Expressing something new is increasingly difficult, today almost everything has been done and re-done, being able to have a pictorial personality that is not compared to other painters of the past is almost impossible or very difficult. I believe I have succeeded.

So your opinion of actually contemporary art?

Today’s artist catalyzes the creative message in the spasmodic search of materials of all kinds creating amazement. Cardboard, wire mesh, plastic, gauze, adhesive tape, practically everything.Others choose strong images, sometimes bordering on good taste in search of even negative criticism to obtain a media effect.Personally, I respect everyone as artists, but I prefer a more traditional approach to artistic expression.

How is an artwork evaluated economically?
I believe it depends on the most ancient rule of supply and demand.

What kind of music you listen to while you paint?
New Age and Jazz

*Dino Cortiana Biography(1972 Milan – lives and works in Ibiza)

He grew up in his parents’ art galleries, but above all during an intense modern artistic ferment so he breathes the Metaphysics and Surrealism of…(*read Biography)

De Chirico, De Pisis, the Poor Art of A. Boetti, the Expressionism of Guttuso and many other famous painters treated by his father Bruno.

He lives his adolescence in a Milan and an Italy in full explosion and began to paint conditioned by new trends such as the Transavant-Garde which re-emerged traditional painting techniques at the expansive of Abstract-Conceptual Art.

Attracted by nature, which predominates in his artworks, he participates and wins at the age of 14 in various competitions for amateur artists

Only after his 30 years old he begin to produce a series of works on a continuous basis (2004-2008) and to get some success with his involves in various Solo and Group exhibitions: it is the period of Action Painting and Informal. From that period there are over 400 artworks mostly finished in private collections.

The 2009’s economic crisis, which is still ongoing in Italy, negatively marks the pictorial career and personal life of Dino, who, alongside art, has always had his main commercial activity in real-estate, one of the sectors affected.

After a dark period and lacking in necessary expressive enthusiasm, Dino finally moves to Ibiza, an island of great inspiration and personal rebirth for him.

«… here the ideas have started to flow from my mind again, the gray and empty canvases of recent years, call and invoke color. I’m experiencing an emotional and expressive renaissance like I’ve never felt before. Thanks Ibiza, together we will do big things.. «.

Bouganville - acrilico 89 X 116

Escalera Plaça Del Sol - acrilico 97 x 130

Alba Magenta - acrilico 100 x 100

Aloe - acrilico 100 x 100 Aloe

La Palma Sospesa - acrilico 100 x 100

La Palma Sospesa - acrilico 100 x 100

Disillusione verde - acrilico 100 x 160

La Ventana Roja - acrilico 114 x 146

Sentiero di Sa Caleta - acrilico 114 x 146

Terrazza Sospesa - acrilico 195x114

La Palma Sospesa - acrilico 100 x 100

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